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About us

Our company is ApexTek Labs.  We are an engineering design firm located in Gainesville, FL.  Our team of 7 engineers, designers, and marketers come up with new ideas in a multitude of industries.  We design, prototype, manufacture, and then take these product innovations to market.

The inspiration behind the HEXOshelf came from our company founder, Augi Lye.  In searching for an affordable, yet aesthetically pleasing, storage solution for wine bottles, he found nothing.  So began his quest to design a wine storage solution that was cost effective, modular in that the storage solution would grow as someone’s wine collection grows, and most of all….fun!

On January 15th, we wrapped up our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the HEXOshelf.  We raised 46% above our goal through 140 backers.  We were featured as Kickstarter’s top “Featured Design” product for 5 of the 30 days our campaign was live.  Because of the funds we received, we were able to design and purchase the molds for the attachment clips.  This would allow us to injection mold our clips, making them much cheaper and easier to fulfill.  We expect to start shipping HEXOshelf product by May of 2016.

Our company’s design studio and manufacturing shop is located in Downtown Gainesville, FL, in the heart of the innovation and start-up community that’s stretched from the University of Florida campus.  In addition to creating awesome new products, ApexTek Labs. also provides rapid prototyping, machining, welding, and 3D printing services.